Pitamus Forwarding Ltd. is a Finnish family-owned forwarding company that specializes in customs clearance services in all means of transportation. We offer reliable, professional and flexible services electronically across Finland. Our four offices are located near the most important crossing points on the eastern border. In terms of volume, Pitamus has a significant role in import clearance, especially of forest based products and raw materials.

Our success is based on an entrepreneurial work culture, reliable, fast and flexible customer service and over thirty years of experience in logistics between Russia and Finland. cost-effectively.

Whether it´s a long-term partnership or single one-off customs declaration that is required, we make sure our customers can get on with their core business, safe in the knowledge that, with Pitamus, everything will run smoothly and border crossings are fast and successful.

Our services

Pitamus Forwarding Ltd. offers customs clearance services for truck, railway and vessel transportation. Services include import, export, transit and other notifications for EU Customs and authorities. Our assignments are governed by the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB/PSYM 2015).

Import clearances

Customs clearances are done 100% electronically and they can take place over a set period of time, or on a one-off basis, depending on the client´s needs, the import volume and the tariff code. We also offer service for e.g. arex MRN notifications to FIN Customs and Traces/CHEDPP-codes for FIN Food Authorities.

Export clearances and other services

Export declarations (EX-A) are submitted electronically. Export documents (i.e., the Tir Carnet documents and the CMR / waybills) can be processed either electronically or manually in cooperation with the shipper of the goods. If required, we can also take care of other logistics services, e.g. transport and storage in cooperation with our logistic partners.

Consultation services

Consultation is offered regarding regular customs clearance processes, forwarding and deliveries, applying permits from Finnish Customs etc. Our expertise is in forest industries and logistics between Russia and Finland. Our service packages are always “all-inclusive” including good support for your business from Customs’ perspective!

Contact us

Pitamus Forwarding Oy (FI2444676-0)

email: huolinta@pitamus.fi